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Is Nickleback… Cool Now?!

Okay, so, the short story is, no, not really (Sorry Chad). But, (and that’s a sizable “but”) I happened across the title track off their 2017 album Feed The Machine, and I had to look twice at who’s song it was! Chunky riffs, machine-gun kick-drums, and a rather guttural vocal track, at least compared to songs like ‘Photograph‘ and ‘How You Remind Me‘. I’ll admit I was impressed enough to skim through the rest of the album, and here’s what I came away with. Give it a listen and tell us what you think in the comments section!

First, I’m going to ask you to forget everything you know about Nickleback; the schlocky mom-rock singles from the early 2000’s, the attempt at reinvention with All The Right Reasons (2005) which gave us the rage-inducing D-side ‘Rockstar‘, a self-felating tribute to their pre-fame days, released well into their international touring career. I guess they don’t have irony in Canada…

See how easy it can be to slip into a prejudiced attitude?

Happens to the best of us.

Now that that’s out of our system, I’ll get down to nuts and bolts. The first and last tracks are strong. Solid drums and rhythm guitar riffs throughout, and I’d take those vocals any day of the week. There’s several more decent ones peppered in the middle as well, with varying degrees of awesomeness. Now, full disclosure, there ARE cheesy, archetypal “fillers” in there, which you’ll recognize about 15 seconds in, so keep your finger near the skip button. Audio to ‘Feed The Machine’ and ‘The Betrayal (Act III)’ are below for you to enjoy at your convenience.

Nickleback on Spotify
Nickleback on Spotify

I think the reason this was on my heart today is because, despite general distaste for middle-of-the-road, flavorless music and the tendency of mainstream radio to play the ever-loving FUCK out of the 20 songs in their rotation, regardless of quality, I’ve come to this conclusion: If this was NB’s first album, I highly doubt they would’ve ended up as the industry’s proverbial whipping-boy.

While it’s far from the likes of Master of Puppets or Reign in Blood, I absolutely respect the course-correction that is Feed The Machine. And, admittedly, I have a soft spot for redemption stories

Heartbreaking News from Slipknot. Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s daughter passes at age 22.

Earlier today, Slipknot officially released the tragic and devastating news that Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s daughter Gabrielle Crahan, has passed away. She was just 22 years young.

Official Statement via Facebook:

“It is with a broken heart, and from a place of the deepest pain, that I have to inform all of you that my youngest daughter, Gabrielle, passed away yesterday – Saturday May 18th, 2019. She was 22 years old. Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming. My family and I ask that our privacy be respected moving forward. Thank you.

Much love,

A Photograph of Gabrielle Crahan was shared via Facebook:

From everyone here at the Jam Hole, our hearts go out to you. Our deepest condolences to the family and anyone else who has been impacted by this loss.

Petition to Name Black Hole after Chris Cornell

Earlier this week, the very first image of a black hole at the center of galaxy M87, was captured by NASA and the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration. It is just one of billions and billions of others that exist out there and everything about it, is terrifyingly fascinating. To say the least.

Just 2 days ago, music reporter Giuliana Jarrin from Quito, Ecuador created a petition to name a black hole after the late Soundgarden and Audioslave singer, Chris Cornell. I think it’s safe to say and that we can all silently agree that… well, it just fits… as ”Black Hole Sun” begins to echo through our minds. 🎶


We grow, thrive, struggle, feel, heal and most importantly, we connect through the art of music. It’s such a beautiful thing. It’s wonderfully mind blowing, how just one person can make such an impact in the world of music. In OUR world especially, and into the lives of SO many people. He painted through his voice, and through his lyrics, amazing works of art that we will carry with us the rest of our way. His voice was unlike anyone we had ever had the pleasure of listening to. His love and passion for music inspired us all and does so still…

It has been 2 years since Chris’s passing, however it feels like just yesterday when family, friends and fans were met with the sad news that Chris had come to the end of his journey here in this world. On to the next. How time flies… But in light of it all, he lives on through us and through everyone he has ever influenced.

We here at the Collective would like to take this moment to send all our love and appreciation to his family and those close to him. Thank you for sharing with us, all the times the world had in his presence.

Also, a warm kudos to Ms. Giuliana Jarrin for proposing such a fantastic idea. Give her a follow on Instagram and show her some love.


At this time, there are 21,000 signatures and counting. This will be one beautiful way to honor such a beautiful mind and soul. In honor of his life, his memory, his words, his voice and every drop of the pure inspiration and influence that filled our souls and mended our hearts… as he did then and continues to do now. You can sign too by clicking the link below.


On This Day

April 11, 1977

Alice Cooper shocked and rocked off the faces of a total 40,000 fans on a Monday evening in Sydney, Australia. Making this the largest crowd to ever attend a rock show in the country’s history.

Pretty damn good for a Monday! Then again, it is Alice Cooper we are talking about.

As the show came to it’s end, Cooper was met by authorities and placed under house arrest for 2 hours in his hotel, up until he posted bail for the amount of $59, 632. Reasons behind the ordeal were due to an Australian promoter, who claimed to have paid Cooper for a 1977 tour, in which the rockstar did not show.

In the end, the two managed to hammer the issue out, by laying out the facts. Alice didn’t show but the promoter didn’t follow through with his end of that agreement either.

Circus 1977

Metal-Show Etiquette

We all know “THAT guy”, don’t we? The dude that has too many overpriced beers, hollers “Freebird!!” after every song, and generally does his best to ruin the night for everyone in his immediate proximity? Yeah, THAT guy.

Well, I sat down and thought about some of the things that he should focus on before attending any more shows. In fact, I bet all of us have broken at least ONE of these at some point. So check out this list of rock-show do’s and don’ts, and maybe we’ll all have a little better if a time at the next one.

1. Look Out For Kids!

Now, I believe that if a parent decides to bring their 4-10 year-old to a metal show, they do so with the understanding that there’s probably going to be some grown-up shit being said and done, and they can’t expect the rest of the crowd to sensor themselves. That said, if you see a small child around you, try not to trample them in the pit. They are metal’s next generation, after all!


2. Be a Door, Not a Wall.

Believe me, I’ve been at the back of the crowd before. I know how righteous it feels to set a pick on some yuppie trying to reclaim his spot at the front after a pee break. But guys, yuppies gotta pee, too! Plus you’re more likely to get beer spilled on you if you pull a Snorlax. If you wanna be up front, show up earlier!!

3. Heckling

This should go without saying, but no one payed money to hear you call the lead singer a douche-bag. You’re here for the headliner, we get it, now sit down, shut up and pretend to be a normal human being, as hard as that may be!

4. Getting too messed up/fighting

Ok, it’s hot, you’re thirsty, probably have to pee and you’ve been standing in the same spot for 2 hours waiting for your guys to hit the stage. I can see how someone bumping your elbow while passing you could break the camel’s back, I guess. Stop. Think. If you get booted for fighting, you just suffered all that discomfort for nothing. Let it go, man. Let. It. Go…..

5. Crowd surfers

Here’s another one that shouldn’t need to be brought up, but please, PLEASE, if a fellow ranger is being passed forward, do your part and help out. Don’t throw. Don’t drop. Be cool. And if it’s a female, NO GROPING!! C’mon, guys, that’s stage 4 creeper shit, and you deserve more than an ass-whoopin’ for it.


6. Be nice to the staff/security/Respect the Facility

We’re all here to have a good time, right? Well these people make it happen for us. FOR A LIVING! Try to put your authority issues aside for the evening and remember that when we leave, they’re staying back cleaning up after our sloppy asses. So make their job a little easier and throw your trash away, shake the bouncer’s hand and smile at the box office lady. Don’t cost nuthin’, so why not?

7. Moshing

Not a lot to say with this one, except READ THE ROOM. There are mosh bands, and there are no-mosh bands. No one at a Dave Matthews show wants a stray fist to the forehead! Use your best judgement, fellas.

8. If You’re in the Front Row, BANG YOUR FUCKING HEAD!!!

Here we are, the entire reason I thought to write this. I can’t stand to see people, chests to the barricade, last song of the set, eyes half shut and jaws on the floor looking like damn zombies. As much as the band is here to perform for you, as the only audience members they can see, you owe it to them to throw that energy back. If you can’t or don’t want to, get out the way! There are literally hundreds of people behind you that would be glad to take your spot. I mean, you paid for the tickets, so get excited for fuck’s sake!!


Look, I’m not trying to be preachy or anything, and please feel free to leave a comment, or an amendment, for that matter, if I’ve left something out or whatever. I just feel like concerts exist to give us a chance to be a community, one mass of like-minded individuals with one goal: to show support and admiration for the music we love. So I’ll leave you with a quote, and take it to heart…

Be excellent to each other.”

Bill S. Preston, Esq. & x Theodore Logan

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