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Ear Candy


Clean those ear holes and come get your fill of this head banging goodness…

Her sultry vocals that flow with the dark and vibrant tones. Crunchy melodic riffs from the strings, the keen, resonant play of the drums, and the biting lyrics… raw with meaning, emotion, and attitude. Straight down to the core.


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On This Day

March 2, 1968

Mark it in your hearts, head-bangers and horn-throwers; Today, in 1968, a little band from San Francisco called Blue Cheer became the fathers of heavy metal when their single “Summertime Blues” peaked at #14 on the Billboard chart. The song, a cover of the Eddie Cochran tune, is generally considered to be the very first “heavy metal” song. Although not what we would call “metal” today, the overdriven guitar and chunky drums definitely give it a heavy feel (especially for 1968!!)

Check it out:

Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues


March 2, 1984

In 1984, “This is Spinal Tap” premiered in American theaters, and we were formally introduced to the quirky British group whose album was blacked out (BEFORE Metallica did it!), whose amps went to 11 (because just making 10 louder is ridiculous, of course), and a whopping 18 former drummers, all of whom died under mysterious, albeit hilarious circumstances (and 3 nicknamed “Stumpy”!!)

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Ear Candy

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Bringing a new taste to the world of Rock and Roll. New food for the soul. With lyrics that speak raw truths of love, heartbreak, mental illness, life, death, struggles, and overcoming it all… words of knowing just how shallow and narrow of a place the world we live in can be, but also keeping in mind that even when we fall into the darkest depths of our pain, “with time, comes grace.” And with that, I find the beauty in it all.