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April 11, 1977

Alice Cooper shocked and rocked off the faces of a total 40,000 fans on a Monday evening in Sydney, Australia. Making this the largest crowd to ever attend a rock show in the country’s history.

Pretty damn good for a Monday! Then again, it is Alice Cooper we are talking about.

As the show came to it’s end, Cooper was met by authorities and placed under house arrest for 2 hours in his hotel, up until he posted bail for the amount of $59, 632. Reasons behind the ordeal were due to an Australian promoter, who claimed to have paid Cooper for a 1977 tour, in which the rockstar did not show.

In the end, the two managed to hammer the issue out, by laying out the facts. Alice didn’t show but the promoter didn’t follow through with his end of that agreement either.

Circus 1977

On This Day.

March 23rd, 1979

Following their super-successful 1978 debut album, Van Halen went on in completing their very first world tour. Come early December, just one week after tour, the band made their way back into the studio to begin recording their second album.

With in just a matter of days… recording came to it’s end and Van Halen II was ready to be released. It wasn’t long after that the album made way onto the charts, taking it’s Spot as number 6 on the Billboard 200… along with 2 hit singles that were featured on the Billboard 100.

Where the first album was more of a showcase for Eddie Van Halen’s “flaming fingers”, the sophomore record was the chance for the rest of the band to show that they well deserved that spot on stage, playing alongside “The Sultan of the Six-String.”

…We can go ahead and say, they didn’t disappoint!

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On This Day


March 11th, 1964

Crack open a cold one (or several), dig out your copy of Cowboys From Hell and send a big “Happy Birthday!!” to the one and only, often imitated, never matched, drummer and founding member of Pantera Mr. Vincent Paul Abbott, born in Abilene, Tx. this day in 1964. Along with brother “Dimebag” Darrell, Vinnie kept time for the Texas groove-metal band from 1981 to 2003, when upon it’s dissolution, the two formed Damageplan(2003-2004). Vinnie went on to play in metal super-group Hellyeah from 2006 until his death in June, 2018. Happy Birthday, Vin. You and Dime are sorely missed, but you’ll always be in our hearts. We’ll see you both at the after-party!!


On This Day

March 7, 1970

Charles Manson released an album called “Lie” to help raise money for his defense in the Tate-LeBianca murder trial. In the sixties, Manson fancied himself a musician, befriending Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson convincing him,eventually, to record one of his songs, “Cease to Exist”. (The title was changed to “Never Learn Not To Love” which climbed to #61 in 1969.)

Charles Manson

Also…. In 1971

Led Zeppelin played Stairway to Heaven live for only the second time in Ireland at the Nationval Boxing Stadium.

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