On This Day.

March 23rd, 1979

Following their super-successful 1978 debut album, Van Halen went on in completing their very first world tour. Come early December, just one week after tour, the band made their way back into the studio to begin recording their second album.

With in just a matter of days… recording came to it’s end and Van Halen II was ready to be released. It wasn’t long after that the album made way onto the charts, taking it’s Spot as number 6 on the Billboard 200… along with 2 hit singles that were featured on the Billboard 100.

Where the first album was more of a showcase for Eddie Van Halen’s “flaming fingers”, the sophomore record was the chance for the rest of the band to show that they well deserved that spot on stage, playing alongside “The Sultan of the Six-String.”

…We can go ahead and say, they didn’t disappoint!

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