On This Day


March 11th, 1964

Crack open a cold one (or several), dig out your copy of Cowboys From Hell and send a big “Happy Birthday!!” to the one and only, often imitated, never matched, drummer and founding member of Pantera Mr. Vincent Paul Abbott, born in Abilene, Tx. this day in 1964. Along with brother “Dimebag” Darrell, Vinnie kept time for the Texas groove-metal band from 1981 to 2003, when upon it’s dissolution, the two formed Damageplan(2003-2004). Vinnie went on to play in metal super-group Hellyeah from 2006 until his death in June, 2018. Happy Birthday, Vin. You and Dime are sorely missed, but you’ll always be in our hearts. We’ll see you both at the after-party!!


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